Best laid plans…

Wow. In a rather unexpected development this blog is beginning to seem more and more like a collection of sicknotes than the story of a successful season of bike racing. In the last 24 days I have managed a total of less than two hours on the bike. What seemed like a bit of sniffles, developed after a heavy night out in aid of my impending nuptials at the end of February, quickly became a fairly hefty dose of ‘flu which doesn’t seem to want to shift. 6 days ago, feeling almost completely recovered and VERY frustrated about the setback, I chanced a couple of steady hour-long sessions on the bike and, BOOM: symptoms return with a vengeance.

So, whilst my contemporaries are blasting off the cobwebs in the first few races of the season, putting the finishing touches on the winter of preparation and beginning to build real speed and strength for the season ahead, I am languishing at home, at best fitting in some long overdue bike maintainence, and at worst potentially seeing my aims for the season slip frustratingly out of reach.

There are almost certainly some blessings to be counted here. If i’d been time-trialling particularly well i’d almost certainly have been tempted to stick my name down for a circuit race in the last couple of weeks. The charms of doing so at this point in the season are currently eloquently outlined in the blog of another noble amateur.

And more positively, thanks to some fairly frank discussions about how frustrating this is with my directeur sportif, I have been given a green light to think about continuing racing after the end of April, although I suspect that even when we are married she will still baulk at coming out to hand up bottles to me…

I’m optimistic that I’ll kick this cold in the next few days, throw myself back into training and still break 2 hours for the Little Mountain TT at the end of April. If not, then i’ll just put it down to experience, after all I have already got my eye on another mountain time trial that has been rescheduled to September for 2012…

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